Ярослав Гоголин/Jaroslaw Gogolin

Страна: Великобритания/UK

Jaroslaw Gogolin (writer/director) started his film adventure eight years ago as a 42-year-old. Today, his productions win awards at festivals, are appreciated by critics and viewers.

Every day he is an electrician. He runs his own small business, which allows for flexible time management, thanks to which his professional career can be reconciled with film passion. He dreams of the day when he will be able to devote himself 100%. Each new project is a good opportunity to polish up an artistic workshop. He learns from mistakes, draws conclusions and gains experience. He finds a lot of inspiration in interviews with recognized directors, cameramen and screenwriters. 

At the start he joined the group “Let’s Make a Scene”, which deals in making short etudes, bringing together beginners and those with more experience, whose common denominator was the desire to develop as operators, directors, actors.

He has made 8 short films and also 42 minute thriller “Once upon a time on All Hallows’ Eve” which was awarded at many film festivals including Russia and in India. 

He has also written eight feature screenplays so far (many of them awarded on different film festivals) and the last one (“Black Forest Mystery” – fantasy genere) was written during the Nostos Screenwriters’ retreat https://www.nostosscreenwritingretreats.com/ in Tuscany in Sep./Oct. 2021.