Руфат Асадов/Rufat Asadov

Страна : Азербайджан/Azerbaijan

Rufat Asadov-independent film director, screenwriter, producer.

Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan.

Member of the Guild of Filmmakers of Azerbaijan.     

Studied at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University(Russia) and at the Film School at the “Lenfilm” Film Studio (Russia).

Completed full course «Making documentary films” and trained at the Promethous Production studio in San Francisco (USA).

I taught at the Azerbaijan State University of Art.

I’ve made over 60 movies (fiction and documentaries).

1.“Fear”(1998) short fiction

 — Short Film Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan)- best movie.

 — Festival «Saint Anna»(Russia).      

 — Festival Ciné-Vidéo Psy de Lorquin  (France)- une mention speciale pour son climat/

 — National  Award “ HUMAY”.

 — National Award “Gold Lamp “.

2.“Quba Jews ”(1999),  documentary.

       — Library of the World Jewish Congress in New York (USA).

       — The Israeli Film Fund (Israel).

  3. “Anthropological document ” (2001),documentary/

        — Festival Ciné-Vidéo Psy  de Lorquin(France)

        — V International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Baku (Azerbaijan) .

  4.  “Yunus(Joseph)”(2002),documentary.

  5. “ Back to the Future ”(2005), fiction.

        -The festival «Caspian-Sea of Friendship»- (Kazakhstan )

        — Kazan International Muslim Film Festival (Russia)

        — Istanbul International Children’s Film Festival (Turkey)

        — The festival of Azerbaijani culture in Russia (2009)

        — The festival of Azerbaijani culture in Budapest (2009)

        — National Award “Gold Lamp “.

.       6.“The last Jew in the village” (2015)-documentary.

         — Festival of Tolerance-Zagreb Jewish Film Festival (Croatia-2016)

         — Near Nazareth Film Festival (Official competition) (İsrael-2016)- special prize.

         — Scandinavian International Film Festival (Official competition)(Finland-2016)-finalist.

         -Romford Film Festival (Official competition)( UK-2017).

         — New York Eurasian Film Festival(Official competition) (USA-2017)-best short    



            (Official competition)( USA-2017)-finalist.

          -Festival of cinema NYC (Official competition)(USA-2017)-finalist.

          — Los Angeles CineFest (Official competition) (USA-2017)-semifinalist.

          — NEW YORK state international film festival (Official competition)( (USA-2016).

          -Weyauwega International Film Festival(Official competition)(USA-2017)- best short    


         -NEW YORK SEPHARDIC JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL(Official competition)


         — Prize of the International Charitable Foundation of Mountain Jews- STMEGI

          (Russia- 2019).

          7. “ Lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah”(2018)- documentary.

            — Near Nazareth Film Festival (Official competition) (İsrael-2018)- special prize.

           8. “İf  I forget, o Jerusalem”(2021)- documentary.(NEW).

            9. “The way to the Temple”(2021)- documentary.(NEW).