Марла Моссман/Marla Mossman

Страна: США

Сфера деятельности: Фотограф, режиссёр , писатель, миротворец

Country: USA

Field of activity: Photography, Film Making, Writing, Peace Advocacy, Education 

Marla Mossman is a female Canadian / American Photographer, Film Maker and Writer who is the Founder and Director of the Peace Caravan Project. For the past 22 years she and the project have focused on documenting the religious and cultural heritages, and disappearing indigenous communities along the Silk Road and other ancient trade routes. This has led her to become The United Nations Representative for The  International Center for Ethno/Religious Mediation and The Fostering International Peace Lead, Peace Alliance Leadership Council.

As a multimedia artist Mossman frequently lectures on photography, gender, politics, human rights, non-conflict resolution and culture with the images and stories from her travels for organizations, universities, non profits, museums and the general public. Among the many are The United Nations/CSW60, The Royal Ontario Museum, Princeton Club, Festival of Ideas: UWV, to name but a few.

Through advocacy of peaceful co-existence and cultural understanding, she has been widely acclaimed for her publications and award winning documentaries including; “Kawomera: Plant, Play, Partner for Peace,” that tells a story about an interfaith, musical, coffee-farming community situated in Mbale, Uganda. Her works continue to inspire, inform and educate with the goal of peaceful co-existence, non conflict resolution, pluralism and cultural preservation. 

Along with receiving 501-c3 fiscal sponsorship from the New York Foundation for The Arts (NYFA), her imagery and video works have won the accolades of Best Documentary Short, NY/LA Film Festival, The Making a Difference Award COMMFEST, Toronto Canada, Special Jury Prize of Outstanding Excellence, The Film Festival For Peace, Inspiration & Equality (FFPIE), Bali Indonesia. Marla Mossman resides in New York and when she is not traveling she teaches digital photography at the International School of Digital Photography.