Диана Карим/Diana Karim

Страна: Казахстан / Kazakhstan

My name is Diana Karim. I am 27 years old. I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am thrilled
by the opportunity of becoming a part of a creative family called Eurasian Creative Guild. I
believe this is a common ground shared by diverse people especially when it comes to social
orientation through creativity, support, art and culture.

I strongly feel there is an immense special love in me awakening that has been in me since
childhood, if not from birth, if not even before birth – from previous generations somewhere
deep and long ago, but invisibly flows in me and through me connecting the past with the
future like those rivers of my Home – Kazakhstan. And I try to express my love shaping and
forming through my works, skills and creativity I have – share with the world.
I have a background in Communications and Marketing in the corporate and social
(non-profit) sectors. My main interests now are research in cultural psychology: ethnic and
psychological phenomena. Currently I study and work at Nurgul Suyundukova’s Center for
Practical Psychology where I assist in researching and translate books by Nurgul
Suyundukova: «Kazakhtyn zhazylmagan psyqologiasy» (Undiscovered psychology of
Kazakhs, 2020), «Ozge bulaq: balaga қaraudyn existentialyq negіzderi» (Another beginning:
existential grounds for treating children, 2022). These books and the research there mainly
focus on the steppe philosophy and psychotherapeutic effects of Kazakh traditions and
customs. I am planning to gain a Master’s degree in Psychology to be able to expand my
research skills and opportunities and competently and rightfully continue my career in
psychology including counseling psychology.

Also, as a hobby I have a travel project on YouTube about Almaty and Kazakhstan culture for
foreigners/tourists, where I share tips, information about Almaty people, places and my
personal love for this wonderful apple city.

I believe in peace, friendship and love; moreover, I strongly believe it starts firstly within and
contagiously spreads to those around and the whole world through different skills a person
has – and creativity plays a vital special role in that process. I feel I am a part of Kazakhstan
and the world – feel myself not only as connecting the past and future of my country in
“now” but as a connecting point of Kazakhstan, Eurasia and the world. And I believe,
everyone is.