Дария Джумагельдинова/Dariya Djumageldinova

Country: Kazakhstan

Field of activity: writer, poet

I was born on 14 June 1951 in Temirtau, town of steelworkers. Currently I live in Astana. I am a mother
of large family, I have five children. My 17 books were published, ten of them are children’s literature. My works were published in Kazakhstan and Russian literary magazines «Ot shestnadtsati estarshe…» (From 16 years old and older), «Prostor» (Vast expanse), «Niva» (Crop field), «Teatr kz». My
fantasy novel «Mister Krys» (Mr Rat) was published in the town of Dzerzhinsk.

My poems are published in poetry collections of Kazakhstan and Russia. In 2015 I won the first place in Daraboz international award. In 2017 my works were included in the general education program in Literary Reading schoolbook, as well as in Russian Language schoolbook for grade 2. In 2018 the chapter from my book Yerkegali Po Prozvischu Koshmarik (Yerkegali nicknamed Koshmarik) was included in the Collection of Formative Evaluation Tasks Russian literature (with Russian language of instruction) 8th grade.

I got the first place in Legendy Kazakhstana competition (the Legends of Kazakhstan), the second place
in Ty E Ya Odnoi Krovi! competition (We are of the same blood you and!) in Kyrgyzstan, organized by
Almaty State University, and the third place in Miniatury (Miniatures) collection in Russia. In Moscow contest «Islamic Breakthrough». I entered 2006 and 2007 shorts and long lists. Since 2008 I have been cooperating with the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda (Kazakhstan Truth) newspaper. I took the third place in the competition Ko Dnyu Slavyanskoi Pismennosti (To the Day of Slavic Writing System) that was organised by Ryazan Regional Slavic Cultural center and Yuzhniy Kazakhstan (South Kazakhstan) newspaper.